make Black Friday green

Your shopping can save the climate

A shared mission

Copenhagen Cartel and Plastic Change share a purpose, a mission - we want to actively implement immediate solutions to alleviate some of the pressure on the planet and advocate for more sustainable patterns of consumption and production.

we will not be participating in Black Friday.

We will keep the prices and instead donate, on behalf of you, 30% to the Danish environmental organisation Plastic Change.

fund plastic changing work

You are a plastic changer

On behalf of you, we donate 30% of sales to the Danish environmental organisation Plastic Change. From Friday 27th of November at 8:00 until Monday the 30th of November at 23:59.

We support Plastic Changes strategic activities and objectives to seek solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle the production and consumption of plastic to benefit the environment, climate and health - as a consumer you support too, when supporting Copenhagen Cartel

The collaboration is a clear example of how your choices as a consumer have a direct impact on the production of the future. By supporting businesses that work to promote your values, your shopping habits can change the marked, thereby creating patterns for production that are sustainable.  

you are supporting the important work that Plastic Change does of reducing

Small sustainable acts made by the individual pave the way for a more sustainable future for all of us.

Putting your Money Where your heart is

Shopping For Change

Does the idea of trying to stop the changes happening to our climate seem higher than the Himalayas right now?

I got good news for you. Luckily, you don’t have to look further than you own wallet to make a difference. 

There is a good reason for this.

You see, no brands or businesses can survive if you stop putting your money in their business. By investing in producers and brands that share your values, you can help stop the insane amount of goods being produced to meet our growing consumerism, that grinds the resources of our planet down essentially destroying our home. 

Precious resources

Earth Overshoot Day

This year Earth Overshoot Day came on August 22nd. For Denmark, it hit already on March 28th. This basically means that we have been using more resources than Earth can regenerate in a year, since spring. In the years prior Earth Overshoot Day has only come earlier and earlier. The only reason for its late arrival in 2020 is because of Covid-19. A pandemic might have helped slowed us in our consuming tracks. Still, going forward, we need to be critical about the businesses we shop in if the positive development is going to be permanent.