Earth Day 2022

"And while there is still time to solve the climate crisis, time to choose BOTH a prosperous and sustainable future and time to restore nature and build a healthy planet for our children and their children, time is short"
- Words & Video by EARTHDAY.ORG.


We Work hard every day

To lead the way for a prosperous and sustainable future by turning problems into solutions and being smart with the planet's precious resources to close the production-consumption loop.

Earth Day is no exception! This year we want to create even greater awareness about the day by dedicating a whole week.

Kvinder iført badetøj fra Copenhagen Cartel
Kvinder iført badetøj fra Copenhagen Cartel

19th of April 7pm - 9pm

Community EVENT

Join us for a panel talk and conversation at Nikolaj Plads 26 in Copenhagen. We have invited three key speakers: Monica Tesanovic (Maria Nila), Camilla Egeberg (Sourcing House) & Mathilde Gericke (Copenhagen Cartel).

The focus of the panel talks will be on UNs Sustainable Development Goals. Each representative will share how they actively work with the goals and sub-goals that apply to their industry and how they implement and activate them corporately. The Covnersations will be moderated by Terese Ask (Busigirl Podcast).

The event is open to everyone and can accommodate 40 guests.


inspire more brands & humans

to take action

In collaboration with fellow environment-conscious brands, businesses & wholesalers, we'll share awareness content throughout the week and inspire our community to get involved and take action.

MonAventure, Make Green Sense, Sourcing House, BeautyCell, Maria Nila, & Busigirl

Kvinder iført badetøj fra Copenhagen Cartel
Kvinder iført badetøj fra Copenhagen Cartel

Earth Week

17th - 24th APRIL

We know there are many paths toward a more sustainable future, and we are acutely aware that it will take all of us. Therefore, building relations with people & collaborating with brands, organisations, and NGOs is crucial. 

Together we seek to understand the complexity of the challenges we face and explore how we can challenge traditional ways of producing and consuming by being an active part of the solution rather than passively contributing to the problem.