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Our collective action & initiative to create awareness about the day and inspire more brands & humans to take action to protect our oceans - 365 days a year.

We pledge 1% of sales to the NGO Healthy Seas, whose approach contributes toward a solution to ocean pollution, now and in the future.

Protect our ocean

We know there are many paths toward protecting and cleaning our oceans, and we are acutely aware that it will take all of us. Therefore, building relations with people & collaborating with brands and NGOs is crucial.

Together we seek to understand the complexity of the challenges we face and explore how we can challenge traditional ways of producing and consuming by being an active part of the solution rather than passively contributing to the problem.

The Ocean Run

The 8th of June 2022 - We went on a 5k run. Nicholas Schrøder sent us off from Copenhagen Cartel's Flagship Store towards Reffen

On the route, we listen to the Ocean Run Podcast by Healthy Seas, produced explicitly for the day.

After arriving at Baghaven, we enjoyed some well deserved Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic Beers, Great Tunes, and Urban Ocean Vibes as we all Celebrated United Nations World Oceans Day. 

Want to join us next year?
The Ocean Run & Event is FREE

1% for healthy seas

Healthy Seas was founded in 2013 to take actions against waste fishing nets, they do this through -

Volunteer divers recover ghost nets from reefs and shipwrecks, hotspots for marine biodiversity.

Collaboration with fishers, fish farms, local communities and other stakeholders to prevent waste nets from ending up in the sea.

Raising public awareness about the environmental damage caused by ghost fishing gear and promoting the ecological and economic importance of healthy seas.

Playing an active part

The limited-edition Mikkeller x Copenhagen Cartel Ocean Run collection is a conversation starter and reminder to all of us that the ocean matters! The running shorts and t-shirts are created from 78% recycled polyamide & 22% elastane.